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175mm Vertical Kerb

Naturalight’s 175mm vertical UPVC kerb offers a sleek modern design that is Part ‘L’ compliant. It Features a ribbed section to the upper section of the external wall, this product offers improved adhesion to a variety of waterproofing systems. Designed to be installed at the finished roof level, this product is the ideal choice for retrofitting to an existing flat roof.

The 175mm high kerb is vertical from the base section and has a 60mm base fixing flange which allows fixings to flat or inclined roof structures.

The L2 Trade Range is available in a range of ventilation, security, opening and access options:


Product code: NLS300

A fixed rooflight and unvented kerb. This product should be used for areas that require natural light only.

Hit and Miss Titon Vents

Product code: NLS320

This product offers manually operated ventilation via a sliding mechanism mounted internally to the kerb. The vents are opened and closed as required by hand or by pole. The vents can be installed on 2 or 4 sides of the kerb. This product is ideally suited for areas that do not require a high volume of ventilation.

Rotary Vents

Product code: NLS330

Rotary vents offer manually operated ventilation via a rotating internal vent which allows the user to open and close the vent as required by hand or by pole. The vents can be installed on 2 or 4 sides of the kerb. This product is ideally suited to areas that do not require a high volume of ventilation.


Product code: NLS340

A brass telescopic winding mechanism is mounted internally to a 40mm high UPVC lifting frame which is fitted with galvanised steel reinforcement bars. This mechanism allows the user to remain at ground level and operate the unit with a winding rod. Wormgear rooflights offer a higher level of ventilation and can be opened up to approximately 300mm.

Access Hatch

Product code: NLS350

An opening hatch that utilises 2no gas rams to assist opening, mounted internally to a 40mm high UPVC lifting frame which is fitted with galvanised steel reinforcement bars. The hatch will open to between 80-90 degrees to give ease of access to floor level. The Access Hatch is available with Brighton Catch, Hasp and Staple or key operated locking mechanism.

Chain Motor

Product code: NLS370

Utilises an electrically operated chain motor that is mounted to a 40mm high UPVC listing frame fitted with galvanised steel reinforcement bars. The motor is available in 24V or 230V options and has the capacity to either be wired to an open/close switch or to a control panel (please note the rooflight will be supplied as standard with the motor only, controls are available at an extra cost). Chain actuated rooflights offer a higher level of ventilation and can be opened to approximately 300mm.

Height: 175mm
Splay from base section: N/A
Base Fixing Flange: 60mm
U-value: 2.05 W/m²K.

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