290mm Splayed Kerb

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The 290mm splayed kerb is an ideal solution for gaining enough height to meet building regulations when installing a warm roof, it is also a practical way of sleeving over a shorter existing rooflight.

The kerb is designed to be fitted to the finished roof level and is therefore, the ideal choice for retrofitting to an existing roof and then weathered in.

Please note if you choose a wormgear operated rooflight, you will require a winding rod to operate it, please follow the linked product below.

Unlike adapter kerbs, when taking sizes to choose the appropriate kerb, use the roof opening size.



Our polycarbonate roof lights offer high impact resistance whilst having minimalistic and modern aesthetics, offering a smart solution that allows natural light to fill a room.

This product is available in both dome & pyramid styles, Polycarbonate tints are also available to offer privacy, reduce glare, and also to restrict light transmission.

This kerb is our best-selling UPVC kerb and offers a sleek modern design that is part ‘L’ compliant.

Extruded from high-quality UPVC this range offers an integrated water management system to shed water to the outside of the rooflight. internally the white UPVC provides a clean, smart self-finish.

All of our standard kerbs are extruded with a ribbed section to assist with the adhesion of the roof covering (eg felt) above that there is a termination angle to offer a suitable point to end said covering.

A data sheet for this product is available in the resources section of this site.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the rooflight size purchased is suitable for the intended installation, all rooflights are made to order and are non-returnable.

Additional information

Roof Opening Size 290mm

900 x 900, 950 x 1250, 950 x 950, 1000 x 1300, 1000 x 1000, 1050 x 1350, 1050 x 1050, 1100 x 1400, 1150 x 1150, 1150 x 1450, 1150 x 1650, 1200 x 1200, 1200 x 1500, 1250 x 1250, 1250 x 1550, 1300 x 1300, 1300 x 1600, 1350 x 1350, 1400 x 1400, 1450 x 1450, 1500×1500, 1550×1550, 1600×1600, 1650×1650, 1750×1750


Dome, Pyramid

Skins (Glazing Layers)

Double Skinned, Triple Skinned, Quadruple Skinned


Clear, Diffused, Opal, Bronze


Unvented, Hit & Miss vents 2 x sides, Hit & Miss vents 4 x sides, Worm Gear opener, 230v Powered Chain Actuator