Polycarbonate Rooflight


All of the polycarbonate rooflights available are based on the clear light size and come with a 75mm fixing flange (eg 600mm x 600mm + 75mm fixing flange = 750mm x 750mm overall kerb size)

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Our polycarbonate roof lights offer high impact resistance whilst having minimalistic and modern aesthetics, offering a smart solution that allows natural light to fill a room. This product is available in both dome & pyramid styles, Polycarbonate tints are also available to offer privacy, reduced glare, and also to restrict light transmission.

Additional information

Clear Light Size - 60mm Fixing Flange

320mm x 320mm, 370mm x 370mm, 420mm x 420mm, 420mm x 1020mm, 1020mm x 1020mm, 1020mm x 1320mm, 1070mm x 1070mm, 1070mm x 1370mm, 1120mm x 1120mm, 1120mm x 1420mm, 1170mm x 1170mm, 1170mm x 1470mm, 1220mm x 1220mm, 1220mm x 1520mm, 1270mm x 1270mm, 1320mm x 1320mm, 1370mm x 1370mm, 1420mm x 1420mm, 1470mm x 1470mm, 1520mm x 1520mm, 420mm x 720mm, 470mm x 470mm, 520mm x 1120mm, 520mm x 520mm, 570mm x 570mm, 570mm x 870mm, 620mm x 1220mm, 620mm x 620mm, 620mm x 920mm, 670mm x 670mm, 670mm x 970mm, 720mm x 1020mm, 720mm x 1320mm, 720mm x 1420mm, 720mm x 1620mm, 720mm x 720mm, 770mm x 1070mm, 770mm x 770mm, 820mm x 1020mm, 820mm x 1120mm, 820mm x 1220mm, 820mm x 820mm, 870mm x 1170mm, 870mm x 870mm, 920mm x 1220mm, 920mm x 920mm, 970mm x 1270mm, 970mm x 970mm


Dome, Pyramid

Skins (Glazing Layers)

Double Skinned, Triple Skinned, Quadruple Skin


Clear, Diffused, Opal, Bronze

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