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Pyramid & Ridgelight

Naturalight have developed a sleek glazing bar system available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. The Ridegelight/pyramid  rooflight can deliver an impressive and unrivalled aesthetic to your project.

The system has the additional ability to incorporate a range of high performance glazing options to suit architect requirements as well as a range of glazing bar colours making the system suitable for professional environments as well as schools and private homes. Various ventilation methods are also available including manual and electric options.


Glazing Options

A Full range of high performance glasses to suit the specific requirements of any project are available, single, double or triple glazing.

Polycarbonate glazing is also offered in 3 different colour tints of clear, opal or bronze.

Polycarbonate options are:

  • 16mm multi-wall structural polycarbonate
  • 25mm multi-wall structural polycarbonate
  • Factory assembled double or triple skin cassettes manufactured from 3mm polycarbonate


Naturalight Systems Limited have recognised the importance of non-fragility of glass roof assemblies and extensively researched the need for such within the current marketplace. As ACR(M) 2005:001 ‘non-fragility of roofing assemblies’ cannot be applied to glass rooflight structures where many thought it could be, advice was sought from CWCT and the outcome was that Naturalight Systems Limited tested and had passed a NaturalSpan rooflight assembly to TN66 / TN67. (Please contact the design office for design constraints)


Pyramid/Ridgelight rooflight up to 7 metres self-supporting to a min 10° and 45° fall and to an infinite length dependant on glazing material, snow and wind local calculation.                                                                                                                                       Designed in accordance with CP3 Chapter V Part 2:1972 BS6399: Part 1 and Part 3 1984 max. 1.5kPa wind and 0.75 kPa imposed.

Frame Material
Aluminium to BS 1474:1987 Alloy 6063-T6

CWCT TN66/TN67 non fragile option and ACR(M) 2005:001 products available

Glazing Option
Glazed in either glass, structural UV protected polycarbonate or solid UV protected polycarbonate to a variety of specifications

Part L: Below 2.0 W/m³K options available

Available in mill finish or any standard RAL colour (non standard RAL colours available at an additional cost

Formed from sheet aluminium to suit specific project interface requirements.

CWCT Test for Non Fragile Glass


NaturalSpan Air Permeability Test Report


NaturalSpan Technical Page

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